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Lester Averman... The Amusing One
01 August 2004 @ 19:58
I'm sorry. I just don't have time to do this any more.

If someone wants to take over this journal, just email me star at queertet dot net.

Lester Averman... The Amusing One
18 July 2004 @ 10:53
So I guess you guys have been wondering why I've not really been around and not posting here. I've just checked speedy_mendoza's journal, and he seems either hurt or worried that I'm being quiet.

Let's just say I've had a lousy couple of weeks. First of all, my sister, Lucy, keeps calling and emailing me. She's a year younger than me, and completely in love with - in my opinion - a complete bozo. He takes her out and treats her nice when nobody's around, but at school he rips her to shreds and makes her feel used. I keep telling her to get out of the relationship - if it can be called that. She's far too sweet to be treated like that. I'm very proud of my sister for not sleeping with the moron - although I do feel grossed out that she has the potential for a sex life and that she feels that she can discuss it with me. Sisters should stop ageing around the age of eight, they should play barbies and wear pink and never get interested in boys. However, I'm really glad she can talk to me about it, and doesn't feel like she's going through this alone.

Secondly, me worrying about Lucy has completely thrown me off in drama and I will have to admit, I've been a little moody with the rest of the drama crew. I actually had to go to Mr Redfern's office (he's the head of drama, and usually caters to my every whim given that I'm his star pupil) to discuss what was on my mind. When I wouldn't tell him - it wasn't my problem to tell, and "oh, family issues" didn't cut it - he suggested that my understudy take over. That's it, I'm out of the play. I was Romeo, now I'm an understudy, which is a nice way of saying that I'm not involved. James, who was my understudy, is a very talented guy - and part of me is pleased that he's finally got a chance to shine, but I'm really sorry it was at my expense. I'm trying to think of the pluses, I now have more time to myself and to talk to Lucy, I'll have more time with you guys and finally that James really fancies Chloe who's playing Juliet, so maybe he'll have a shot with her now. But to be honest, I'm gutted.

Right, I'm off to find Mendoza to see if he wants to watch a couple of movies with me. If anyone wants to join us, we'll be in the Shoebox.
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Lester Averman... The Amusing One
10 June 2004 @ 23:03
Lester Averman
The Shoebox
Love Level: 18%

Name 1:
Name 2:

From Go-Quiz.com

Since we're all posting this, I thought I might as well do so. This thing is eerily accurate. *snerk*
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Lester Averman... The Amusing One
10 June 2004 @ 22:03
Honestly, I go away for a quick drama weekend - it went fine, thanks for asking - and I come back to find the "Cutest Couple in Eden Hall" (check last year's yearbook and you'll see they won) have broken up, everyone has become alcoholics and Guy either smokes or has a lighter fetish.

What the hell went on here?

And where is Luis? I haven't seen him since I got back. And it's damned near impossible to lose someone in the Shoebox.
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Lester Averman... The Amusing One
10 June 2004 @ 07:39
Guys, how do I display more than 20 entires on my friends page? You guys talk a hell of a lot for a bunch of people who see each other every day and, for the most part, live together.

I asked thestalkycop, but she's a moron. She just said, "I have no idea, I can only change it on my paid journal." She just wanted to show off because she can afford one and I'm just a poor student.

I'm thinking of unfriending her. I only friended her in the first place because she made me an icon.
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Lester Averman... The Amusing One
09 June 2004 @ 23:40
In case you don't read my actual journal: I'm back. It was all Norton's fault. Averman is no longer away at a drama weekend.

Now that I've salvaged my online ability, I'll be ready to rock tomorrow.
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Lester Averman... The Amusing One
09 June 2004 @ 21:55
Given the fact that LJ won't load for me in the slightest - it's getting stupid now and crashes my system every time I try an LJ url - Averman is currently away at a drama weekend.

PS: Who the hell is Averman's roommate? I saw that some roommates have been allocated. Can someone leave a comment? I still get them by email and I can post via Semagic, I just can't read LJ now at all.
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Lester Averman... The Amusing One
07 June 2004 @ 20:22
An obligitory meme to announce my arrival.

Spell your name with singers and band names.
A - Axl Rose
V - Veruca Salt (thank god that popped into mind)
E - Eminem
R - Rolf Harris
M - Madness
A - Atomic Kitten (though it takes a tenuous stretch of the imagination to call them singers. I prefer Fulton's name for them, which is Nuclear Pussy - or was it Toxic Muff?)
N - Nirvana (the Bashes would shoot me if I ignored Nirvana)
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